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PB Planning Group Bylaw revision completed

The PBPG has completed the revision process and the new PBPG Bylaws have been approved by the City of San Diego.  The new election process is now in effect.  Following are the key changes to the PBPG Bylaws concerning elections:

  • 25 signatures are no longer required for either the Residential or Commercial seats.
  • Meeting attendance to qualify to run for a seat have increased from the previous 1 meeting to 2 meetings.  Therefore, any person who desires to run for a seat on the PBPG must attend at least 2 PBPG meetings in the previous 12 months.  1 meeting must be a monthly General meeting (typically the 4th Wednesday of the month).  The second meeting can either be a monthly general meeting, or, can be any of the official PBPG subcommittee meetings.  Dates & agendas for the subcommittee meetings are published on the PBPG website.
  • Persons desiring to run for an open seat must contact the Election Subcommittee Chair to obtain an election application and information packet.  Upon completion of the application and verification of attending 2 meetings, the person is eligible for consideration for a seat on the PBPG.  Candidates must also provide a brief biography and include why they are interested in serving on the PBPG board.
  • The annual general election is held in March of each year.  In addition, the board also fills open seats during the year via mid-term elections.  Interested persons can contact the Election Chair for more information.

PB Planning Group election criteria review meeting

Following are the minutes from the 8/28/18 Election Subcommittee meeting regarding election criteria.

PBPG Election Subcommittee 8.28.18 meeting minutes


The Election Subcommittee will hold a meeting on August 28th, from 5:30 – 7:00 at Tourmaline Properties.  Purpose of the meeting is to review the current PBPG election criteria and discuss if revisions should be made.  The subcommittee will develop recommendations (if any) for the full board to review at the next general meeting (in September).  The public is welcome to attend and participate in the meeting.  Below is a link to the meeting agenda.

PBPG 8.28.18 agenda

Vacancies for the PBPG Board

The PBPG currently has the following vacancies:


4 seats


3 seats

Filling Vacancies Procedures:

Vacancies can be filled by qualified candidates available from that tract. The candidate will have to sign the candidate log sheet and pick up a candidate packet. They will need to collect 25 signatures from their census tract. If there are no eligible candidates available from that tract, the vacancy may be filled by a qualified candidate who is qualified in another Pacific Beach census tract. Thirteen (13) signatures of the candidates nominating petition must be provided by resident of the ‘vacant’ census tract. The remaining twelve (12) signatures must be provided by residents of the candidate’s own census tract. At any one time,  no more than three (3) residential representatives to the committee may reside in the same census tract.

To pick up a packet, please contact Steve Pruett at 330 472-9320. Candidates have until the third Friday of the month to turn in candidate applications in a sealed packet/envelope to Steve Pruett. Qualified candidates will be presented to the board for election.  If you have any questions, you can e-mail Steve Pruett, Elections Subcommittee Chair at swimski55@gmail.com.com

Election of qualified candidates will be held at the next PBPG meeting, typically the 4th Wednesday of the month, at the Pacific Beach Library.  See the website for meeting location and time.

Please review the Election Procedures for more details.

Elections Subcommittee February 1, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Attached are the minutes to the February 1, 2018 Elections Subcommittee Meeting

PBPG 2.1.18 election subcommittee minutes

2018 Elections Subcommittee Candidate Packet Verification Meeting – Wednesday March 14, 2018

Reminder to turn in your candidate packets to Steve Pruett by March 14 at 5 pm. Please call him at 330 472-9320 to turn in your packets.

Please note REVISED Committee MEETING TIME is 6:00pm.  The Elections Subcommittee will be meeting on March 14 at 6 p.m. at Tourmaline Properties (2079 Garnet Avenue) to review and verify Candidate Packets in order to create the ballot for the PBPG 2018 Elections. Please see agenda below.

PBPG 3.14.18 agenda

Pacific Beach Planning Group Seeking New Members!

Make a difference in your community. Help plan PB’s Future.

The Pacific Beach Planning Group (PBPG) is seeking candidates for its annual elections. The PBPG is composed of 20 community volunteers (15 residential and 5 commercial seats). The group advises the city on new development projects, parking, traffic, future planning and other issues related to the Pacific Beach Community Plan. Candidates must be residents or business owners/operators in Pacific Beach and must have attended one PBPG meeting PRIOR to the February 2018 meeting. PBPG meets on the 4th Wednesday of each month, at 6:30

p.m. at the PB Library. For more information or questions call Steve Pruett 330 472-9320

Open Board Positions as of 8/22/2018


Census Tract Status

77.00 / Tract G – no position available

78.00 / Tract H – no position available

79.01 / Tract D – 1 position available

79.03/ Tract E – 1 positions available

79.04 / Tract F – 1 position available

80.01 – Tract A – 1 position available

80.02/83.10 / Tract B – no position available

83.01 / Tract C – no position available

Current Board Members

77.00 / Tract G – RJ Kunysz, Henish Pulickal

78.00 / Tract H – Jim Morrison, Carolyn Chase

79.01 / Tract D – Ed Gallagher

79.03 / Tract E – Jason Legros

79.04 / Tract F – Paula Gandolfo

80.01 / Tract A – Ben Ryan

80.02/83.10 / Tract B – Karl Rand, Eve Anderson

83.01 / Tract C – Steve Pruett

What Census Tract are you? See Census Tract Map below to see which Census Tract you residency falls into.

PB Census Tract Map 11.01.13

PB Areas A-H Census Tracts (New)


3 Commercial Seats are open:

There are 2 current members:

Kristen Victor and James McGuirk

Interested in running? See the Candidate Duties and Requirements for completing a Application below:

Candidate Duties and Requirements

If you would like to pick up a Candidate Package, please call Steve Pruett at 330 472-9320 to sign the Official Candidate Log and pick up your package.  Properly completed packets are due to Steve by Wednesday March 14th at 5 pm.

2018 Election Procedures

Below are the PBPG’s Elections Procedures for the 2018 Elections that will be held on Wednesday March 28 from 4:30-6:30pm at the PB Library.


PBPG Election Procedures Handbook

Below is the supplemental Elections Handbook to the PBPG Bylaws. This document goes into detail regarding elections from planning to candidate duties to announcing election results.

If you have any additional questions, comments, or concerns please contact the Election Subcommittee Chair, Steve Pruett at 330 472-9320.

PBPG Final Election Handbook 11.19.2013


March 28 Election Sample Ballots

PBPG election ballot B

PBPG election ballot D

PBPG election ballot G

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