Garnet / Mission Bay Dr traffic improvement

The Garnet / Mission Bay Dr traffic improvement ad hoc committee will hold its first meeting on Tuesday, June 1 from 6:00 – 7:30pm via Zoom. The purpose of the committee is to identify potential vehicle traffic improvements in the area surrounding the intersection of Garnet / Balboa and Mission Bay Drive. The committee welcomes input from the community. Please contact Steve Pruett for Zoom login information.

Steve Pruett: 330 472-9320


  • Introductions
  • Non-agenda public comment: 1 minute
  • Define area of focus
  • Discuss impediments to vehicular traffic flow
  • Discuss Trolly Station impact
  • Ideate options for improved vehicle flow, distinguishing between short term / low cost vs longer term / higher cost
  • Discuss City engagement
  • Next Steps