PBPG Election Update – 05052020

20200424 12:38 pm

PBPG Election Committee minutes 4/27/2020
The Election Committee meeting was held via Zoom on Monday, April 27 at 5:00 pm.

Attending: Steve Pruett, Ed, Gallagher, Junior Leoso, Luka Leoso, Brian Delon, Judy Pruett

5:00 Call to order 

5:01  non-agenda comments – none.

5:02 Reviewed the amended City Council policy re: seating new board members if there are more seats than eligible candidates

5:10  Reviewed the application log which notes the details for each candidate: name, address, email, date they picked up an application, date application & bio returned, dates they attended PBPG meetings.

5:20  Identified the 3 candidates who are eligible for seating in May, as members of the March General Election process.5:30  Reviewed the remaining applicants who are eligible to fill remaining empty seats once they are declared at the next PBPG meeting.5:40  Next steps: 

  • Steve Pruett to notify the eligible candidates of their status & inform they will be seated at the May PBPG meeting.  
  • S Pruett to notify the remaining candidates of their status and determine if they would like to be considered for the remaining open seats, once they are declared.

5:45 Meeting adjourned

The City Council has amended the election process for planning groups. The PBPG will be conducting their 2020 elections in alignment with the revised policy.
The policy states that if the number of approved candidates is less than the number of open seats, the PBPG may seat the new members without a public vote. However, should the number of approved candidates exceed the number of open seats the PBPG will have to conduct voting days as per our by-laws. If required, Voting days and process to be determined as per the city / county health guidelines.
The PBPG election committee will hold a Zoom meeting on Monday, April 27 at 5:00pm to review all candidate applications.
If you would like to attend the Zoom meeting you must contact Steve Pruett (committee chair) via email. He will email the Zoom meeting details the morning of Monday, April 27.
PLEASE NOTE: If you have applied to run in this election you may not attend the meeting, as each candidates application will be reviewed by the committee.
If you have any questions please contact Steve Pruett
Email: swimski55@gmail.com
Meeting agenda:

Pacific Beach Planning Group 

2020 Election Subcommittee 

April 27, 2020 Meeting Agenda 

Meeting Location: Zoom meeting

Note: Only those persons who are approved by Steve Pruett may attend the meeting.

Please email Steve, he will send you a link to the Zoom meeting on Monday morning (April 27, 2020).

5:00            Call to Order 

5:00 – 5:05  Non Agenda public comment 

5:05 – 5:10  Review the revised election policy

5:10 – 5:35  Review applications

– Review each application & biography
– Designate communication assignments for approved / pending / declined 

6:35 – 5:45  Open items
5:45             Adjourn 

Questions contact: 

Steve Pruett
Election sub-committee chair 

330 472-9320 


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