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Grand Jury response subcommittee meeting

20180430 10:56 pm

The Pacific Beach Planning Group forwarded a letter to the City of San Diego in response to the Grand Jury recommendations.  Following is a link to the letter from PBPG to the City:

Grandy Jury response PBPG Final


The meeting to draft a response to the Grand Jury recommendations was held on May 8th at Tourmaline Properties, from 5:30 – 7:30pm. Following are the minutes from the meeting.



The meeting agenda is linked below.

PBPG Grand Jury response meeting agenda 050818

2014 PBPG Election Candidates

20140313 6:11 am

2014 PBPG Election – Candidates set for Election – March 26th
4:30pm – 6:30pm at the PB Library

The PBPG Election Subcommittee met on 3-12 to examine election candidate packages, verify eligibility, and check authenticity of petition signatures per PBPG by laws

After committee review the following candidates are on the ballot for the March 26th election:

Census Tract/ Candidate
77 Henish Pulickal

78 Scott Chipman (incumbent)
78 Jim Morrison

79.01 Chris Olson (incumbent)

79.03 Imelda McClendon (incumbent)

79.04 Baylor Triplett (incumbent)

80.01 (vacant – no candidate)

80.02/83.10 Eve Anderson (incumbent)

83.01 Patricia Dobson

Commercial William Ramirez (incumbent)
Commercial Curtis Patterson (incumbent)

Click here for the 2014 Candidate Bio’s

Please Vote in the Pacific Beach Planning Group Elections March 26th, 2014 from 4:30pm – 6:30pm at the PB Library. The general meeting is 6:30pm – 8:30pm.

2013 Pacific Beach Planning Group Ballot

20130319 8:46 pm

Residential Candidates

Census Tract Candidate Name Personal Statement
  Jennifer Nowak My name is Jennifer Nowak and I am running for an additional term for the seat I currently hold on the Planning Group board for Census Tract #77, Crown Point. I am heavily involved in residential and commercial land development in my work life, which led me to desire to give my time to my own community via the planning group. I was elected in March 2011 and in that time I have participated in several sub-committee level boards including the residential sub, traffic and parking and the code compliance subcommittee. I believe I am an asset to this entire board and the community. I am enjoying starting to see the changes the planning group makes in the community, and I look forward to the future of Pacific Beach developing in to a cleaner, safer and friendly environment for everyone to enjoy. Thank you.
  Don Gross East PB Drive!
  Ryan Murphy Married, two young children (ages 1 and 3), lived in PB since 2010 (lived in surrounding UTC and La Jolla for 20 years), attended UC San Diego, graduated with BS in Structural Engineering, provided two years services in Guatemala. 

Interests for serving on the PB Planning Group:

-Improve safety and diversify the types of businesses in the business district (Grand and Garnet areas)

-Access/safety for pedestrians and bicycles

-Appearance of the entrance to PB from the freeway exit and entrance

-Removal of overhead power lines in various neighborhoods


Work History:

2006-Present – San Diego Community College District as Construction Manager for major construction bond program.

2003-2006 – City of San Diego, Engineering Department, as Resident Engineer for Capital Improvement Projects

  Melanie Wilson My name is Melanie Wilson and I am submitting this personal statement for consideration of your support and vote for my candidacy in the upcoming election of the 2013 Pacific Beach Planning Group.I have lived in Pacific Beach for nearly four years and I am deeply committed to the future of our community. I am particularly interested in encouraging development in a way that improves the community and adheres to the community plan without negatively impacting our current residents. Furthermore, I believe that more people should be aware of the important work the Planning Board is doing and, if I am elected to the Planning Board, I intend on increasing the diversity of our community engagement through community outreach and social media. Other priorities of mine include improving the safety of our community, protecting our one of a kind beach and supporting planning that is pedestrian friendly and mitigates traffic congestion.

My knowledge and experience in urban policy and planning will make a great asset to the Pacific Beach Planning Group. I currently work for LeSar Development Consultants. LeSar provides professional services to local government agencies, businesses and foundations in the areas of housing policy, city planning, and financial modeling. We also coordinate and staff the Campaign to End Homelessness in Downtown San Diego, which is a collaborative effort focused on creating housing and services solutions to the homeless population in downtown San Diego. Prior to my work at LeSar, I worked at the San Diego Housing Commission and for a member of the San Diego City Council. In addition to my work in the affordable housing industry and local government, I have also worked at Tony Romas, a local Pacific Beach restaurant. I graduated from San Diego State University with a double major in Economics and Political Science and this fall, I will be returning to the university to pursue my Masters in Public Administration.


As you can see through the community issues that interest me and my professional experience, I am a dedicated and passionate resident of Pacific Beach and I firmly believe I can make a difference on the board. If you would like any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me at

  Joe Wilding I grew up in Pacific Beach.  I attended Martha Farnham and Crown Point Elementary schools, attended what is now PB Middle School and graduated from Mission Bay High School, class of 1976.  In addition to my long residency, I have been a member of the Pacific Beach Town Council.  I have just termed out as President and I am currently an elected board member of the PBTC.  I volunteer for Instant Justice, Community Court, graffiti clean up, etc.  In addition, I participate in open discussion forums with various Pacific Beach committees, including the Community Advisory Committee, the PBPG, and Discover PB.  I am running for the PBPG to continue serving PB residents and businesses.  Would love to hear any ideas or suggestions, feel free to call me at 619-990-2434.  
  Brian Curry -Served two years on PBPG, including one year as Chair.-Resident of PB since 1983

-Resident owner in PB since 1986

-Single father of two teenage daughters (full-time).

-Active member of Saint Brigid Parish

-Primary interests for Pacific Beach: Public safety, business district, beaches, and public use.

  Paul Falcone As a dedicated home owner in PB, I find it incredibly valuable to be active in our community and make it better. Every person makes a difference.I started my community involvement when I moved here in 1995. I served 8 years on the Planning Board. I recently ended another 2 year term.

The last two years have been highly productive. As Chairman of the Traffic Sub-Com, we got Garnet paved a year early, upgraded the material they used for the paving, assisted in getting the sidewalk power washed, added 12 parking spaces, and updated the curb painting. We also got the paving of Cass St moved up 6 months and got the city to complete the paving of Garnet from Cass St to Mission Blvd. Additionally, we built a relationship with the current Water Pipe Project to assure PB gets the extra attention it deserves.

  Larry Enlaw I have resided Pacific Beach since 1997 (prior to that Mission Beach). In addition to my services this past year on the PB Planning Group I am a member of the PB Town Council. I am also a volunteer serving on the Executive Board of the CCSA (Community Christian Service Organization) whose mission is to provide food, clothing and other essential items – and services – to the homeless and working poor in the communities of Pacific Beach and Clairemont. 

As a member of the PB Planning Group I serve on the “Code and Compliance” subcommittee. With your support I look forward to continuing my efforts to make Pacific beach a better place to live, to protect the charm and character of the community and continue to strive towards making Pacific Beach a family friendly and safe place to raise children while enjoying all the great beauty of this very special place.

  Dave Russell I am a father raising two young sons in Pacific Beach. I have been a resident of Pacific Beach for 17 years and have been on the PBPG for the last two years. I am an engineering geologist. Like most, my interest in the Planning Group stemmed from a desire to do my part to help improve our great community. Other community organizations I’m involved in include PYSL Soccer, Club Scout Pack 246, and the Los Compadres de la Escuela Longfellow PTO of the Longfellow Spanish Immersion School


Commercial Candidates

Name Personal Statement
Damon Westwood I have decided to run for one of the commercial positions on the Pacific Beach Community Planning Committee. I have been a board member for the PBPG for the past two years. During these years, I was the chair of the Elections Subcommittee. Currently I am the secretary for the PBPG. 

I was raised in this vibrant community of Pacific Beach. After high school, I loved away for eleven years of college (UCSB, USC, and U. of Michigan). Following my training, I elected to return to my hometown and start an endodontic practice. My practice, located next door to The Patio on Lamont Street. I have been providing quality endodontic care in Pacific Beach for the past 12 years. My wife, Patricia Westwood started her orthodontic practice on Ingraham Street 9 years ago. My two young children attended preschool in Pacific Beach at the Baldwin Academy. They are current students at Kate Sessions Elementary school in Pacific Beach. My family has been living in Pacific Beach for the past 12 years. From 2007 to 2010, I volunteered for a three-year term on the Discover Pacific Beach board of directors. During these years with the BID, I was involved in helping the Beach Area Community Court. My family is a current member of the PB Town Council. The community of Pacific Beach is an important part of my work and my life. Thank-you for your consideration.

Michael Beltran I am a San Diegao native and raised in Bay Park until moving to Pacific Beach over 11 years ago. In 2004 I started a business here in Pacific Beach and have been successfully growing that business over the last 8 years. I proposed to my current wife (she said yes!) at . We reside in North PB where she runs her own business as well. 

I love the community of Pacific Beach and am enthusiastic to get involved in the PBPG. My areas of interest include Traffic and Development, as I am interested in being part of the future of what Pacific Beach will be.

Deborah Conca My husband (of 37 yrs.) John, and I have owned Mr. Frostie for 35 years. We have raised our 5 children in the area, all graduating from San Diego Unified schools. I have been involved in the PTA, Boy Scouts, and our Church. I am now involved in our granddaughter’s school. I recently joined the Pacific Beach Special Events Committee (PBSEC). I was instrumental in helping get the BID implemented, and helped plant trees along Garnet. Mr. Frostie supports the schools in the area and I have enjoyed working with representatives from them. 

Community issues that interest me are Safety in the PB, parking and the North PB Lifeguard Station.


Pacific Beach is a special place and would like to do my part to keep it that way.

Hilary Lowe Company Representative for Mark Mitchell Architecture and Planning.I am 28 years old and have been a resident of Pacific Beach since 2008, with previous residency in 2005-2006. I attended UCSD for my undergraduate degree in International Studies, Political Science before completing a Master of Architecture at Newschool of Architecture and Design, San Diego. I am a designer at Mark Mitchell Architecture and Planning working toward licensure, an Associate AIA member, a volunteer for Women in Architecture at AIA San Diego, and a student mentor at the Newschool. For the last year and a half I have volunteered for the Pacific Beach Boardwalk & Parks Neighborhood District, working with Chris Olson and the team of experts. I have helped synthesize community ideas, present to community groups, build the website ( and apply for grant money to perform necessary studies for this district. This process was exciting and rewarding and through it I have gained a deeper knowledge of the local community, goals and challenges. I am interested in parks and revitalization in Pacific Beach. I am a surfer, sailor, and cyclist and I would like to contribute to the community by continuing to volunteer, listen to the locals, and represent the community where I live and work as a member of the Pacific Beach Planning Group. Thank you for your vote.
Norman Kleyh Norman Kleyh has been a property manager in Pacific Beach for over 10 years and also has lived in this community for over 15 years. Norm has had a career as a mental health professional and also has a small boat manufacturer. The latter career helped Norm to understand the day-to-day operation of a small business and the challenges associated with it. Norm has been involved in many community and volunteer programs including Boy Scouts, Sea Cadets, and community renovation projects. Norm is committed to seeing Pacific Beach grow to meet its full potential and project an international image of a destination community.


Elections for the PBPG will be held March 27th, 2013 4:45-6:30 at the PB library. Potential voters will sign a log sheet (one log sheet per Census Tract). Residential voters will need to present identification (e.g. driver’s license) an. address on a utility or phone bill will need to supplement the photo ID if the address on the ID is not current. Commercial voters will need to supplement their photo ID with a copy of their business license. Commercial designee voters will need to present a photo ID and a copy of the San Diego Business tax license.

For more information on voting procedures, please refer to the Elections Subcommittee page for the “Voting Procedures” documents. If you have any questions, please contact Imelda McClendon at 469-576-3870 or by email at